The April 9th public hearing again demonstrated that the McArthurs are at it again...trying to tell the Town Board what to do. Out in full force with a handul of their fly monkeys, they turned what should be an issue of community safety into a so-called pissing match. Pedestrian safety? Driver Safety? Children in the neighborhood? Adequate traffic studies? Who cares when their primary agenda is to have the stop sign on Franklin Road (and their front yard) removed.

Here are the facts:

In 2009 the Pompey Delafield administration voted in a local law to have stop signs installed on Franklin Road.

In their own admission, Yancy and Jean McArthur have been attempting to have these stop signs removed for the past two years. Since it wasn't done in the course of the two years when their chosen candidates were on the board, it can be concluded that this caused contention between these two and the town board members.

The statements made by Jean McArthur at the April 9, 2012 town board meeting supported the above conclusion. She made a remark that may be considered to reaffirm her more or less as a schoolyard bully and demonstrates that the issue of stop signs is simpy no more than a contest of wills, or a pissing contest.

Her statement included the inquiry of where was Tom Martino's wife on April 19, 2010 when that Town Board voted to remove a stop sign from Yates Ave since she claimed that a traffic study was not done prior to the board making a decision. And based upon that action of that Town Board, the present Town Board should proceed as such.  She request that the publich hearing be closed and the town board make its decision to remove the signs. She also made a rather spurious statement about the previous town supervisor not caring unless it happens in his 'backyard.'

However, the reader should like to point out, that a) the laws and regulations concerning one way traffic control devices are contained by their own regulations different than stop signs. The procedure to have a one way traffic sign removed may differ than a stop sign b) the McArthurs too only care what happens, in this case their front yard c) and if they were so concerned and involved in such issues, then where were they on April 19, 2010 when their candidates were on the town board for a few months, if they believed that town board was negligent? d) her mention of Tom Martino and the apparent contempt for both him and his family  asserts that this is a campaign to discredit him and bolster their own agendas. At this point, why would they care about a previous supervisor who doesn't even attend town board meetings or involved with politics? Tit for Tat Jean, tit for tat. The writers at the HV News Lies are of the opinion that based upon her statement and just cause, we are not dealing with a highly functioning individual, but just another dumpy schoolyard bully with a bad haircut.

The readers may make their own conclusions from this blog, but the writers of this blog watching this meeting, were disgusted that someone who the Chairwoman of the HP GOP and leader in this community uses the reasoning of it's more or less 'payback time' at a public hearing to substantiate and validate their request.  What happened to THEIR own values of integrity to following stated laws and prescribed policies and procedures? Whether or not these traffic signs should remain or be removed is ultimately up to the town following specific procedures that involves conducting an adequate traffic study and consulting traffic engineers, not based upon because Jean and Yancy McArthur's say so.

One resident summed it up nicely when she asked exactly whose interests is the town board serving in this matter.

*Post-note: a reader may want to educate the resident that mentioned putting in two or three yield signs at the intersection that per NYS traffic law only ONE yield sign at an intersection is permitted.