Mike Athanas left a comment on the 10/24 Town Board meeting blog which indicated that Ms. Serino was texting more on her Blackberry that paying attention to the discussions that were occuring. Was the preliminary budget meeting boring her that much that she turned to her BB for amusement to pass the time?
Or was she receiving texts from no other than her endorser, Jim Langan, who in coincidence was seen giving Ms. Serino the paper she read the 'Gutless Wonder'  speech from last July, prior to that Board Meeting commencing.

Given her mental state, ramblings, repetitions and slur like speech that was exhibited last night and the speculation that she reads directly from her Blackberry, the question is, is Ms. Serino the Stepford wife of Hyde Park? Is Ms. Serino capable of a competent thought process without having to receive directives (and speeches) from others?

Considering that Ms. Serino had to paraphrase last night's discussions and ask for clarification numerous times she obviously wasn't paying attention. Perhaps it would be best that she keep her Blackberry turned off to prevent further distractions so she can fulfill her duties as a councilwoman.