Published on the following website is a copy of the letter that Bill Truitt submitted to Aileen Rohr and the town board making his recommendations for the changes to the Franklin Road intersection:!home|mainPage

The writers at the HV News Lies encountered some problems reading his letter due to the numerous grammatical errors and had to reread it several times in order to make sense of what he had written.

The writers would like to make some points:

1) This is an individual whose profession requires him to write reports on a daily basis. Does he submit his reports with the same grammatical errors? Does he include his opinion rather than fact in these police reports?

I think the suspect Burglarized the house bc He was walking His dog down the street.
I arrested Him b/c I thought He looked guilty.
I did My Own investigation and decided that the Suspect was guilty of (insert violation).

He makes the statement 'my investigation is complete' however, he fails to cite supporting facts. His recommendations were made upon HIS opinion and the 'dozens' of calls (which are not documented)  he supposedly received. The issue of the stop sign is not based upon his so-called 'investigation' but rather he should be following proper procedures which includes and adequate traffic study and following proper NYS laws and regulations as required.

He also notes that he drove throughout the town in more heavily pedestrian use areas such as Quaker Hill Estates and Haviland and Bill Reynolds Rd.  However he fails to mention the neighborhoods of the Rt. 9 area of Hyde Park.  If he had driven through the neighborhoods that are located to the immediate west of Rt. 9, he would encounter four way stop sign intersections.

This so-called 'investigation'  was simply based on a few phone calls of people complaining that they have to stop at a stop sign and citing three neighborhoods that do not have stop signs. And while he possess experience as a police officer, it does not make him the ultimate authority on traffic control devices. That is why traffic engineers are consulted, traffic studies studies are performed and traffic laws are created.

2) As an elected official submitting an official document, his neglience to spell check is untenable. He also makes use of police jargon in the terms 'pdaa' and 'piaa'. To the layperson reading this letter, those terms will leave most people clueless and asking what those terms mean.

As this is an official letter being submitted to the supervisor, it clearly demonstrates laziness and a lack of effort on his part to submit work that is proficient. This letter may reflect upon his overall quality of his work in his profession as an officer and elected official.

3)Bill Truitt was a school resource officer to the Hyde Park School District and is now serving as a liason to the school district. The writers find this ironic that an individual who lacks basic writing skills was and is in such a position.  However, it may be suiting. Perhaps Mr. Truitt can sit in on 5th grade composition classes so he may learn when to puncuate and capitalize when writing a letter.