Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, when running for office, sometimes there are things better left unsaid, especially when in this recession, many middle class familes are faced with foreclosues, unemployment and having to seek some form of public assistance. In the following letter dated March 30, 2004, Ms. Rohr writes the following to the Planning Board:
5. Real Estate Values- If the housing stock is increased so significantly this will decrease the values of existing homes? Are there enough qualified renters available to pay rent on 700 units? If not, how will the expenses be met? We have through the course of recent years seen a situation at the Ledges where apartments were filled with government sponsored tenants to the detriment of the physical buildings and the schools. How could we be assured this would not happen again? (this is located within the pdf on pages 28-29)

The question is, will Ms. Rohr treat all town residents fairly, regardless of their economic situation if she is elected Supervisor? 

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