Questions arise regarding the motivation for Aileen Rohr to take a stance against the proposal for Hyde Park Commons which she vocalized in a letter to the Planning Board to which she indicated that the 'government sponsored tenants' at the Ledges were causing 'detriment' or damage to the buildings and schools in Hyde Park.

The writers at the HV News Lies were in discussion and speculated that perhaps Aileen's opposition against housing development in Hyde Park was simply to keep those that she considered 'undesirable people' out of Hyde Park.

Either Aileen Rohr has had a change of heart or she's a fake and a fraud. On April 2, 2011 the town board will be presenting a resolution to recognize April as 'Diversity Fair Housing Month'  and by doing such, the town of Hyde Park is committed to highlight the Fair Housing Law, Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 by continuing to address discrimination in our community, to support programs that will educate the public about the right to  equal housing opportunities, and to plan partnership efforts with other organizations to help assure every American of their right to fair housing.

The writers here at the HV News Lies find this rather ironic given that the supervisor wrote a rather lengthy letter to the town of Hyde Park vocalizing her opposition to housing units that would house  the 'government sponsored tenants' and the detirment of the schools and buildings that they have created. Aileen's letter can be found on page 28 and 29 of the below document.