I normally don't publish hearsay on this site without documentation, but the below information was received from a reliable source who was witness to Mr. Langan's public display. Perhaps others in attendence who witnessed can confirm this account.

This is a true story to illustrate Jim Langan’s obsessive hatred for Tom Martino and how to demonstrate how Jim Langan will only portray Tom Martino to be an evil villain in our community. Back in December of 2010, John Coppola donated Christmas lights to the town in a gesture of good will. Both Coppola and Martino believed it would be a good idea for these lights to be put up on Route 9 to make the town look festive for the Christmas holidays. After the lights were installed, the monthly GOP meeting was taking place at Coppola’s as it does every month. As the meeting was taking place, there were few individuals drinking at the bar; one of individual of interest was James Kennedy Langan. Jim was sitting at the bar by himself probably waiting for Sue Serino to get out of the meeting to obtain all the information that went on at the meeting. As the GOP meeting ended, many of the committee members went to the bar to socialize. One individual complimented Martino on the Christmas lights and told him that the town looked beautiful. After this person complimented Martino, everybody at the bar started to compliment Martino. With the compliments spreading like wildfire, Jim Lagan started to boil to the point where he slammed his glass on the bar and yelled 'Son of a Bitch' and left the restaurant. Many people are accusing Jim of being a sociopath, if this does not meet the criteria, I don’t know what does. This story is fabricated in no manner and all the events listed did in fact happen. I find it sad that Jim Langan’s hatred for Martino has not only portrait this town in a negative manner but led to his own exposure for being the thief that he is.