The Hudson Valley News Lies Staff

The election of November 2012 has definitely left
a  mark on both Dutchess County politics at both the state and local levels. For the first time in many, many years, if ever, it appears that the 41st  Senate District will be held by a Democrat. This particular election has been a  cliff hanger. How will it eventually end? Terry Gipson will be sitting in Albany  come January. Steve Saland blew it…Big Time! Steve had the opportunity to be  re-elected but chose to violate his primary campaign promise of the 2010  election. NO SAME SEX MARRIAGE while he was in the senate. His constituents gave  money for his 2010 campaign and Steve went and did just the opposite of what he  had promised. He voted for same sex marriage and then the big bucks came rolling  in beginning with Mike Bloomberg and other pro-same sex marriage advocate. Steve  legacy will be: He lied, he was caught and he was ousted by the electorate. We  have also learned that Saland’s association with the McArthurs of the Hyde Park  Republican committee did not help him either. A number of disenfranchised  Republicans and former Republicans who do not care
for the McArthurs, vigorously  campaigned against Stevie. Their efforts seem to have worked rather well.  Finally, Spoiled Stevie was taken to task.

We have  been told that Stevie has quietly told his staff that they will be most likely  unemployed on January 1. Could that be an admission of defeat? We believe so. We heard that a number of Republicans will be hosting a party once Stevie’s defeatis declared official.

Another big loser within Republican circles was
David  Byrne who conducted an ill-fated campaign for the 106th Assembly  District. The Byrne campaign had a number of deadly flaws. Byrne surrounded  himself with or associated his campaign with individuals that in no
way were an  asset. Even with three ballot lines, Byrne couldn’t pull it off and the  Republican Committee couldn’t deliver. 

Our hats are off to Assemblyman-elect Kieran
Lalor  (R-105th AD). Mr. Lalor told the Dutchess County Republican Committee  that he would not kowtow to the party bosses. Mr. Lalor blew away two other  Republican hopefuls in the September primary and then took it to his now  forgotten Democratic opponent in the November general  election.

Rumor has it that Jim Langan of The Hudson Valley News is experiencing legal problems again. We have received word that Langan and  his wife Caroline Carey along with the weekly drivel sheet that they call a newspaper are being sued for libel per se by a private citizen of Hyde Park. Jim  Langan has a problem with telling truth. We know not what narcotic drug his mother ingested when he was conceived but it was a doozie. We have been informed  that Langan’s affidavit which has been submitted to the court is an out of  control diatribe complaining about things that a third party, who is not
a party  to this legal action, allegedly did to him. We hope Jim realizes that when this  does go to court, and it will, Jim’s embezzlement history will be introduced and  Langan will be questioned about this unfortunate episode in his otherwise  pathetic life. We have also been told that Sue Serino submitted an affidavit. We  can’t wait for Serino to be questioned on the witness stand. Lest you forget,  Serino perjured herself in court document in Serino, et al vs. Brice Reed.  FYI-Mr. Reed won his case. Jim Langan was also named as a plaintiff in the  action against Mr. Reed.

Speaking of legal troubles, we have heard that  federal investigators have been about town asking questions about one long time  Hyde Park elected official. This individual may wish to retain a criminal  defense attorney and retire before any charges are filed, so that their pension  will not be declared forfeit.

Yancy McArtur is telling anyone who will listen
that  he’s not a thief. Let’s not forget that Yancy made an admission of guilt (he did  steal DiCarlo campaign signs) during the course of a recorded conversation he  had with a Hyde Park Police Dispatcher. He also threw Stevie Saland under the  bus during that now famous statement of admission which, BTW,
went viral. It is  also been rumored that County Republican Committee Chairman
Mike McCormack  tacitly approved of Yancy stealing DiCarlo campaign 


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    December 2012