By the HV News Lies Staff

James  Kennedy Langan, a known thief, liar, coward and possible pant pisser has failed  to accurately report the latest scandal to rock the Democratic Rohr administration at the Hyde Park Town Hall in his newspaper that never was (HV  News). Steve Cost has filed a counter claim to the town’s lawsuit against him in  which Steve alleges that Rohr, Ken “Big Mouth” Schneider and Walt Doyle  attempted to extort $75,000.00 in return for awarding Costa the 2012 Tree  maintenance contract. Rohr and Company are being
sued as individuals for  $1,000,000.00. Our source at town hall tells us that Rohr and Co. acted on bum  advice from Joann Lown, Pompey Delafied and of course
the inept attorney for the  town, Warren Replansky.

James  Kennedy Langan, a known thief, liar, coward and possible pant pisser recently  reported that former town Supervisor Tom Martino reported Roosevelt Fire  District Commissioner Yancy McArthur, to the HP Police over a vehicle overnight  parking issue at MacArthur’s Franklin
Road home. Langan failed to report that  the vehicle in question is an oil tanker that carries heating oil. The tanker/s  in question is/are operated or owned by Pay-Less oil. This is a flagrant  violation of the Fire Code of the State of New York  State.

Sec. 2702.1 of the  FCNYS:
A vehicle other than a railroad tank car
or  boat, with a cargo tank mounted thereon or built as an integral part thereof,  used for the transportation of flammable or combustible liquids, LP-gas or  hazardous chemicals. Tank vehicles include self-propelled vehicles and full  trailers and semitrailers, with or without motive power, and carrying part or  all of the load.

Heating oil is a Class II Combustible  liquid and a heating oil truck is therefore a tank  vehicle.

FRCNYS states as follows:
3406.6.2.1 Parking near residential, educational and institutional occupancies and other  high-risk areas. Tank vehicles shall not be left unattended at any time on residential streets, or within 500 feet  (152 m) of a residential area, apartment or hotel complex, educational facility, hospital or care facility. Tank vehicles shall not be left unattended at any  other place that would, in the opinion of the fire chief, pose an extreme life  hazard.

As a fire commissioner, McArthur should know
better.  Because of his place in the political landscape of Hyde Park and Dutchess  County, McArthur apparently is under the misimpression that he is exempt from  following rules, especially the Fire Code of NY State. McArthur placed the  residents of his neighborhood in a perilous situation and he has done it on more  than one occasion. Shame on you “Commissioner” McArthur. 
Langan should make McArthur an offer to park his oil trucks  at his Rt. 9, Ledgewood Estate. After all, a man who is in bankruptcy cannot  afford to discriminate. Fuel oil for parking? Hmmmmm. 

John  Bickford, the Two Smartest Men in Hyde Park, has been noticeably absent from  town board meetings. In view that members of the town board, and Walt Doyle, may  be looking at state and/or federal charges concerning extortion and fraud  charges that are stated above, Bickford’s counsel is needed more than ever. Who  else possesses Bickford’s extraordinary knowledge?  Hyde Park turns its lonely eyes to you  John.