In Case You Missed  It…….
By The Hudson Valley News Lies  Staff

Now that James Kennedy Langan and his wife,
Caroline  Carey have been discharged of their debts in excess of $140,000.00, we
find that  they are once again leading the charmed life. Dining out, attending
political  fund raisers. Did we say fund raisers? Who? What? Where? 

The Langans were in attendance at a kick-off fund 
raiser for Republican County Comptroller Jim Coughlin on May 30th at 
River Station in the City of Poughkeepsie. One would think that Mr. Coughlin 
would not be caught within ten miles of James Kennedy Langan, a known embezzler.
  Should Mr. Coughlin not be aware of this fact, won’t someone please inform the 
county comptroller that it is not in his best interest to be remotely linked to 
Jim Langan or his wife as they both have issues with money. Speaking of which, 
it will be interesting to see how much the Langans donated to the Coughlin 
campaign. We would not expect a large donation since the Langans allegedly live 
on approximately $900 per month which Jim Langan receives from social security 
as their only source of income. Where is this sudden source of disposable income
  coming from?  Remember, these two 
individuals claimed that they were poorer than church  mice

Speaking of campaign donations, we were informed
that  Hyde Park Republican Committee woman Tina Lombardi made a donation to the
Hyde  Park Democrats in the amount of $120.00 in 2012. Nothing like loyalty to
one’s  party. With committee people like this, it
is  little wonder that the state Hyde Park Republican Committee can be only
likened  to a train wreck squared.

We have received word that a May 24th
fund  raiser for Republican Congressman Chris Gibson was not the success that
the  organizers had hoped for. On May 29th a Republican fund raiser
that  was held in Hyde Park was a complete disaster. One Republican insider
informed  us that after all expenses were met, drum roll please, $36 dollars was
realized.   We believe that this
may be  indicative of the sorry state of affairs for Republican in Dutchess

Word has also been received that the Hyde Park 
Republican Committee is faced with the problem of getting candidates to run for 
office this fall for town board seats. Republican insiders have stated that any 
Republican in their right mind will steer clear of the dysfunctional Republican 
Committee and its chairwoman. It can also be said that having Hyde Park’s best 
known embezzler, James Kennedy Langan, acting as a political consultant to this 
dysfunctional body would prove to be a great liability even to the most 
qualified candidate.

Former state senator Steve Saland is still nursing
his  wounds from the loss to Terry Gipson in 2012. Saland was featured in an
article  in the June 27th edition of The PoJo.  The
article stated that a group of Saland  friends and admires will be hold a dinner
in his honor on the evening of June  27th. 
We find it rather  sad that the ex-senator is still looking for
validation of what he perpetrated  on his constituents in June of 2011. The fact
remains, Saland lied on an issue  that he based his entire 2010 campaign on.
Now, a group of his friends and  associates wish to perpetuate the memory of an
individual who is considered to  be the epitome of a distilled liar. What a sad
commentary on how Republican  values have eroded.

For those who have had the unique experience to
hear  James Kennedy Langan on WKIP-AM radio on Thursday morning, God bless you
for  enduring Langan’s miasma about how great he and his so-called newspaper
is.  We believe that he is
attempting to  emulate Ed McMahon to the show’s host Johnny Carson, but alas, he
comes across  more like Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern radio show. 

Langan made an allegation that a former town board
  member was carrying a concealed weapon during town board meetings. As is his 
way, Langan made this allegation with any proof. If Langan wants to discuss the 
issue of concealed weapons by town board members, he needs to look no further 
that present Hyde Park Town Board member William Truit, who shot himself in his 
posterior when his mistook his back pocket for a holster while enjoying the 
produce of a one John Barleycorn.  
And that folks, is in the public record.