Mr. Langan's paper is losing advertisers...faster than a striped ass ape.

In the last weekly editions of December 2009, before Mr. Langan decided to target the Town Board through his paper, there was a count of twenty-nine (29) advertisers in his paper. At this point in time, quite honestly, his paper was actually well presented and professional.

Fast foward to the October 19, 2011 edition. There was less than half of that amount, with twelve adverstisers.

In a paradox, did Jim Langan create his own demise as a result of almost two years of attacking the Town Board through his paper? Honestly, who in Dover or Amenia or other area really have any interest in the occurences of Hyde Park. A paper that initially pledged to serve the entirity of the area centralized on one leaf so to speak. The paper perhaps should change it's name from The Hudson Valley News to The Hyde Park News.

Mr. Langan should be aware that in order for a paper to continue to stay in business, 80% of it's income needs to come from advertisers.

Perhaps Mr. Langan will be crossing state lines in attempts to obtain new and fresh advertisers that are unaware of his blemished history.


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    October 2011