By The Hudson Valley News Lies Editorial  Staff

 Those who attended the Town of Hyde  Park’s Concerts in the Park series last summer may have noticed Town Board member Ken Schneider directing traffic at the Vanderbilt Mansion. Ken was the  guy wearing the Hyde Park Recreation “Volunteer”. We have been informed that “Showboat” Ken was told to stop engaging in traffic control by Park Service  personnel. Ken does not understand that the National Park is not under the 
jurisdiction of the Town of Hyde Park. Ken Schneider demands attention. Should  one catch this guy in public, he personifies the sleazy caricature of the sleazy politician who glad hands a back slaps anybody and anything. He behaves as if he  is leading an imaginary entourage. Are there any volunteers to fulfill Ken’s

 Ken Schneider has been described as a “John Bickford” in training. John Bickford is another who is in desperate
need  of attention and will say and do anything to satisfy this need, even if he is an  embarrassment to himself and others. If you recall, Bickford is a vain and  tiresome individual who is a former member of the Hyde Park Planning Board. Yes,  Ken Schneider is very much like the thewless John Bickford, except Ken’s head  looks human. 

For those who didn’t know, February  2nd was larcenous Jim Langan’s 66th birthday. 2012 was a  very exciting year for the flagitious Jim Langan. Larcenous Jim and his lovely wife filed for  bankruptcy. Jim had been previously exposed as an embezzler and a forger. Larcenous Jim’s business venture (The Hudson  Valley News) has not been doing too well andwe have been informed by a well  placed source close to the Langan’s, that  the Langan’s cash cow passed away on November 25, 2012. We are sad to announce  that Mary Patricia Carey passed from this life at age 92. Our source stated thatthat Mary Patricia was their primary benefactor. Mary Patricia was Caroline’s  paternal aunt. R.I. P. Mary Patricia

 On the brighter side, Larcenous Jim  received a raise in his monthly social security benefit of 1.7% in January. That’s 14.22 per month, just enough for dinner for two at Wendy’s. Congrats Jim!  You’ve done well for yourself. Larcenous Jim should write a book. Really!
How to  survive on $881.00 per month and live in a house that is worth more
than$1  million. Truly  amazing!


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    February 2013