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The minutes from the Sept. 26, 2011 are posted online and it gave me a chance to read through them. This is the meeting in which Sue Serino abstained from voting on the telecommunications resolution for the new police facility. The document that you may download is a summary from Superior that lists the total costs. Obviously Ms. Serino DID NOT read it.

RESOLUTION 9:26 - 9 OF 2011


, the installation for telephone and data systems is not included within the master contract for the construction of the Police/Court Facility; and WHEREAS, the architects for the project, the Police Chief, the Justices of the Town Court and the Supervisor have reviewed the telecommunications needs for the new facility and determined a system that meets the anticipated needs; and WHEREAS, Superior Telephone Systems has a contract approved by the New York State Office of General Services for the installation of telephone and data systems; and WHEREAS, Superior Telephone Systems has a proposal that addresses the needs of the new facility and is in accordance with the approved OGS contract; and NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board of the
Town of Hyde Park does hereby authorize and direct the Supervisor to execute the contract proposal with Superior Telephone Systems for the installation of the telecommunications systems for the new Police/Court Facility.

MOTION: Councilman Athanas

SECOND: Councilman Taylor


Councilman Athanas Aye

Councilwoman Serino Abstain

Councilman Monks Aye

Councilman Taylor Aye

Supervisor Martino Aye CARRIED

Before the vote was taken on resolution 9:26-9 of 2011:

Councilwoman Serino asked what the total cost would be for everything.

Supervisor Martino stated that this was not included in the original bid. The cost for the Police Dept. was roughly $21,500.00 and about $20,000.00 for the Court House.

Councilwoman Serino asked where the funds were coming from.

Attorney to the Town, James Horan, stated that it would come from the bond.

Councilman Athanas asked if the current equipment was outdated.

Supervisor Martino stated that some of the equipment would be moved from the present Police station to the new building.

According to sources, an e-mail was sent to the Town Board members well before 5pm notifying them of the resolutions to be voted on. Sue Serino claims she 'didn't get it.' Though she has a Blackberry which has me baffled how she did not get it.

Can you only imagine what a potential exchange between the town board members could have looked like:

Serino: Well, I was wondering how much this is going to cost.

Martino: For the Police Dept. it wil cost approximately $21,500.00 and about $20,000.00 for the Court House. Sue, this information has been available for over a week. Why didn't you ask about this sooner.

Serino: Well Tom, I didn't get an invite to review the summary of the costs. You could have Facebook'd me too you know.

Martino: Sue, the last I checked, an invitation to perform your duties as a councilperson was not required.

Serino: Well, you know, I am a very busy person. I have my own business and then I'm campaigning for county legislature and I did receive the most delightful visit from Mr. Langan today. You know, I am his endorsed candidate. Funny, I don't see him here tonight (scanning into the audience). He is having the most difficult time right now, and a friend in need is a friend indeed. You all should be alot more nicer to him. That's what we need now, is just to be a whole lot nicer to each other.

Martino: Well Sue, I take it you don't read his paper. He doesn't write particulary nice things.

Serino: Well he does write the nicest articles about me. That's because I wanted to appoint him to the Police Advisory Board and you all didn't. That's why he wrote all those bad things about you all. Oh, look, he's texting me right now! He wants me to give a prepared statement like I always do at these meetings. (As she reads from her cell phone) You are all Gutless Wonders...oh, sorry, wrong text. Let me find the right's here somewhere....(as she scrolls through the many texts on her phone)

Martino: Motion to proceed to the next Resolution

Other Town Board Members: Aye