One of the readers pointed out that had these two won the 2001 election, they would have had a certain percentage of the voting stock, correctly 40% control that is. That's very alarming that two cohorts would be able to decide policy according to THEIR goals and to FURTHER THEIR agendas. Would Hyde Park have been renamed McArthur Park?
In a previous blog I addressed the issue in which both the McArthurs were running for supervisor and town board. Allegedly in the 1999 election, there were fraudulent voters and a packed caucus that elected Yancy McArthur as the Republican candidate. (It's already been established that they had fraudulent voters registering using their address in later elections) However, how did the voters feel about Jean in 2001. Not impressed since she only received  220 out of 895 with Angelo Targia winning in every ward district. With this being in mind, is voter fraud or running unopposed the only means that they can will an election?
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