Bill Truitt and Don Goddard share something in common other than being co-workers. They were both caught in 1998 of falsifying public documents and were brought up on charges. An article in the Daily Freeman dated July 29, 1998 reported the discplinary actions brought against several of the police officers for falsifying time and attendence records. According to sources, the charges against Truitt and Goddard were dropped in exchange for their testimony against police chief Michael Clinch.
We should also note that Joanne Lown, who was involved in an ongoing extramartial affair with Lt. McKenna (as indicated by court documents published on this site) was the bookkeeper at this time and processed time and attendence records.  No wonder why Bill Truitt was more than happy to see her return to town hall at the January 9, 2012 town board meeting.

Truitt needs to go!
05/28/2012 7:24am

Truitt has officially hit the trifecta; a drunk, a thief, and an idiot. Beside the Army Corp of Engineers coming to relieve HP of this horrible flooding which Truitt had promised so many people. Next he can promise everyone that NASA is coming to town to solve the problem with the sewer district that HP needs.

Sincere Republican
05/28/2012 6:38pm

Truitt hasn't the slightest idea of what a town board is supposed to do. Neither do his colleagues on the board. Including the attorney. Truitt beahves as if his thought process has been damaged by drink. It is now commonly known that he is a Yancy McArthur sock puppet. Never in a million years will the Army Corps come to Hyde Park. Truitt lied to the voters. Surprised?

Floating whitefish
05/28/2012 1:20pm

Maybe Joanne, Truitt, McKenna or Goddard can explain all the floating condoms in the septic tank at town hall back when the police station was there that the gentleman pumping out the tank discovered.

07/26/2012 7:30pm

Mr. Truitt not only needs to get educated for a place on the town board, he must learn how to answer his phone when one calls him with a question that concerns you and want an answer to. When it comes to the matter of the Army Corp of Engineers coming to Hyde Park, he still claims they are. We are now near the end of the 7th month since he took office and I don't see any one coming. Now as far as answering phones, I called him at the number I had to get from town hall, and he was absolutely obnoxious and I told him so. Personally, I believe he was under the influence of alcohol, which he is known for. When I told him this, he apologized and I told him I didn't accept his apology and that he better get guidance from his friends that he certainly only represents. I just don't understand why the village of Fishkill hires him, Goddard and McKenna without checking their backgrounds. To be hired as a law officer, I thought this fell under Civil Service qualifications/testing.


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