Mr. Langan has a weekly Thug-O-Meter featured in his paper regarding the current Town Board.  I find this ironic given his 'thug attributes.' The definition of a thug is as follows:
 thug noun 1. a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer. 2. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

We also associate the word thug with one that shakes business owners down for money in exchange for protection or in agreement not to be the target of their hostility,which leads to the basis for this blog.
As one blog comment reads, 'Advertise in Langan's failing paper and he will not spew lies about you! Brilliant observation! The present town board should do this. Why didn't Serino share this information. As we all know, she favors the open exchange of ideas, as long as they agree with her idea (if such a thing exists).'

Let's examine this topic further.

1) Sue Serino, the sweetheart of the Town Board and owner of Serino Realty advertises in his paper, thus he cannonized her as 'Saint Sue' and is featured often as the cover news story in his paper. I'm sure she's gotten alot of business due to his angelic portrayal of her in his articles.

2) Don Goddard, previous acting chief and owner of Goddard's antique and apparent good friend of Mr. Langan received a farewell tribute that was the featured cover story in the March 17, 2010 edition of the paper. Don also has been a guest columnist in later editions. He has advertised in his paper.

3) Yancy and Jean McArthur, the owners of Pay-less Oil and Republican Town Committee members advertise in the HV News. On page 7 of the July 20, 2011 edition is the ad for Pay-less Oil. Jean, who is well known for her eloquence and articulate speech is a regular guest columnist. Funny, because given a year or two ago, they were arch enemies, so rumor has it. Now that they advertise in his paper, they appear to be bosom buddies.

4) Crossroads Pub and Coppola's are also regular advertisers. Mr. Langan is known to frequent both. The summit between the Democrats and Republican party in which Mr. Langan was present at, that allegedly outlined and agreed upon the Supervisor Debate, took place at Coppola's. The Supervisor Debate will be taking place at Coppola's in October as well.

5) Tina Lombardi, the owner of The Inside Scoop and candidate for the Town Committee for Hyde Park CC 3-4, advertises with the HV New. Mr. Langan has made his position in favor of the Town Committe quite known with his frequent interviews with Jean McArthur and her famous big hair.

Please feel free to comment on any other political affiliations that are connected with advertising or supporting the HV News that you may know of.