The editors would like to note that Mr. Varuzzo indicated during this meeting that he was part of a committee to look into the possibility of abolishing the HP Police Force. We would like to point out that such a formal committee never existed...except in the mind of Mr. Varuzzo.
The Hudson Valley News Lies Staff
The April 1st meeting of the Hyde Park Town  Board turned out to be a true April Fool’s Day meeting. Hyde Park Republican  Committee Chairperson attended the meeting with her Cavalcade of Clowns in tow. The Rohr administration, in a magnanimous gesture,  allows the public to speak on town issues once a month in what some may call an “open microphone” night after the official business of the town has been  attended to. Monday night’s festivities began with Ann Boehm, the vice-chairman of the Hyde Park Republican Committee
complaining about the fact that she was not reappointed to a board that she previously served on. Ann told of her tale  of woe, there was not a dry eye in the audience. Ann was told by the supervisor  that after discussing the
possibility of reappoint Ann with the board’s chairman and the assessor of the town, it would be best for the town that Ann not be  reappointed. Ann’s sob
story was quickly re-enforced by Jean McArthur with some  nonsense about transparency or lack of in the Rohr administration. Well, Jean,  just what did
you expect? This was a classic case of the pot calling the kettle.  Many will recall that Ann Boehm earned the sobriquet "Ann of the  Thousand Lies". Well folks, her performance was another shining example of her very well honed skill...lying.

We found it entertaining when Justin Varuzzo spoke 
about lack of transparency. It seems that Justin wants to disband the Hyde Park Police Department. Why? Because it is believed that Varuzzo is just another stooge of the party bosses. Varuzzo did not make a very positive impression in the manner in which he carried himself. Varuzzo was draped over the podium like a wet blanket. Varuzzo looked more like an unmade bed-King size. 
Varuzzo should get himself on one of those TV  make-over shows. It certainly can't hurt. All three Republicans spoke from scripts which we were told were written by James Kennedy Langan, a known  thief, liar and coward in the Hyde Park community. James Kennedy Langan is a  political advisor to the Hyde Park Republican Committee (Afterall, he WAS a presidential aide to Richard Nixon). This association should send up a sea of red flags throughout the community. What kind of people would  take a known thief and liar into their confidence? Desperate people. It is also brought to the reader’s attention that County Legislator Shrew Serino, is closely aligned with Langan, a known thief.

The highlight of the meeting was Councilperson Ken 
Schneider experiencing a hostile episode which was directed at Jean McArthur.  It is obvious that Schneider has anger issues. This person is an individual who possesses a grandiose sense of self-worth. His  behavior on the dais was worthy of a gift certificate for five sessions on the  couch with a local shrink. Never have we witnessed a town board member blow so  much hot air. Schneider should save the hot air so that he can blow up his next  girlfriend. He proved to be a true embarrassment to the Rohr administration and  the Town of Hyde Park. Where did the Democrats get this guy from? Schneider is a former Republican who changed his party registration so that he could run for a  seat on the town board. Schneider, it seems, is a turncoat opportunist who is obviously self-obsessed and his behavior last Monday was an outburst of  self-loathing. Surprised?

Jean McArthur will be hosting a community forum on Monday, April 8th. The purpose? Jean McArthur would like to hear needs and concerns of the community. A
good starting point would be the McArthurs leaving town. Ann Boehm should go to Hollywood and revive her acting career. She was great in the Wizard of Oz (hint: she rode the bike with the dog on the back). Of course the Republican’s political advisor, James Kennedy Langan, should be there. If the public wishes to see a real life thief, in the flesh please do attend. Starting time is 7 P.M. at the Ever Ready Diner.

The truth be known: Jean McArthur wants to get her
Republican stooges elected so that she and her husband, a self-admitted thief, can exert political control over the Town of Hyde Park.

How on earth could the Republicans lose again with
the  same leadership and slate of candidates? Very easily. The Rohr administration  should get down on their knees and thank the Lord for people like these, for  surely, they are guaranteed a job in town hall for as long as they wish.

We hope that the present administration has every 
member of the Republican Committee on their Christmas list.