One reader pointed out the following:

resolution passed by Aileen's board was done illegally to raise Walt's pay. Walt is an elected official since his salary was determined in the 2012 budget that can' t raise it by resolution but only by public vote. I am sure that this matter will be something that comes up in the future to be held against Aileen.

It should be noted that one of the town board members is an attorney and perhaps his self-fulfilling prophecy that he stated at one of the last town board meetings of last year, that he wasn't a very good criminal defense attorney, also implies to his overall performance as an
attorney, as he allowed this to occur.
Sources have notified the writers of the HV News that one of the first orders of business that Aileen and Co. have done is to restore the salary of Walt Doyle and also gave employees of Town Hall a 5% salary increase. The question is, how is Aileen & Co. planning in funding of salary increases as they were NOT factored into the 2012 budget.

It should be noted that Walt Doyle's salary was supposedly restored despite talk that he is rather...lazy. He likes to take credit for what the highway department employees do, but he himself doesn't put forth the effort. In fact, as an elected official, he is not required to even report to work.

Mr. Doyle's salary was cut due to several factors:
1) the $1000 stipend he received for maintaining Town Hall under the Delafield administration was no longer valid because the responsibility was transferred back to the supervisor.
2) Mr. Doyle reprieved himself from the plowing responsibilities of Town Hall and the Police/Court Facilities, which created the need to hire another individual to perform these duites.

It should be noted that Walt Doyle is NOT a member of the Highway Supervisors Association and apparently, amongst the other Highway Supervisors in the area, Mr. Doyle is said to be somewhat of a joke.

The question is why does Aileen & Co. feel that Walt Doyle's salary be restored despite he is doing less work and others receive a salary increase despite the 2012 budger being scrutinized under a microscope so to speak.

The new administration should be closely observed in the next two years to see if they will fufill their promises of ecominic growth as opposed to their past ties to organizations such as Stop the Spraw which hindered the much needed development in the town of Hyde Park.