First he gets away with fraudently registering voters out of his home in attempts to win a previous attempt at county legislator, now it appears he may be getting another 'get out of jail card' again, having been witnessed removing campaign signs without permission and disposing (and destroying) of them. We have also learned that Yancy McArthur illegally parks his oil tanker at this residence which is in violation of NYS fire code, and puts his neighbors at risk should an oil leak or

Rumor has it that the Dutchess County D.A. has decided not to prosecute Yancy McArthur of petite larcency claiming it's a frivolous matter, however, NYS case law states otherwise, as individuals have been prosectuted for removing campaign signs without permission.

The writers at the HV News Lies believe that the reason why Yancy McArthur has remained untouched in this instance, as well as others is because, as a fellow republican, he has circulated petitions for the District Attorney, William Grady, during election cycles. If this doesn't represent a conflict of interest and demonstrate the corruptness of the political machine, then we are left clueless as to what does.