Act 1: Scene 1
Setting: The McNarthur Home, the 2009 election is drawing near. Gancy is sitting in his club chair wearing a burgandy  smoking jacket. He is reading of of the first editions of the HV News. it is upside down.

Gancy: Jenine! Jenine! (Calling out)

Jenine: (Distant) Yes dear.

Gancy: Where are you?

Jenine: I'm just cleaning up rabbit turds, I'll be there in a minute.

Gancy is concentrating on a thought, the foreheard furrows are deep. He puts down the upside down newspaper on the side table. Jean appears in the doorway.

Jenine: What's the matter Gancy?

Gancy: I've been thinking. I have to win this election if I ever want to be Governor! I need to reinvent myself! A brand new Yancy that the people of Hyde Park will love and respect!

Jenine: Well I think that's a bit too late for that honey, but I do have a great idea!

Gancy: Tell me this idea.

Jenine: Well you know that big red boat of yours?

Gancy: Uh huh.

Jenine: Well we can be like the Kennedys, since they were such great republicans and we can do a photo shoot that will be out on a billboard. I can be like Jackie and you can be like Jack and we can put the dogs in the backseat because, you know, they had two dogs too. It will be the picture of the American Dream! Everyone that drives by will see it and be in awe of me...I mean you.

Gancy: That's a swell idea Jenine! I'lll start making the calls! But what if people out there didn't like the Kennedys? What will be our next plan?

Jenine: Oh, well we can always get your brother and my niece to vote for you.

Gancy: But Jenine, they don't live here.

Jenine: I know that numbskull. They register to vote using our address, but it has to be a secret. No one has to know.

Gancy: But Jenine, isn't that illegal? Voter fraud is a felony. You can serve jail time for that.

Jenine: Oh, I'm sure your brother and my neice wouldn't mind if they had to spend a few months in prision.Besides it wiould be two more votes for you!  And I have a facebook friend that may be working at the BOE soon. I'm sure he'll take care of us.

Gancy: Ok Jenine, as long as you say it's okay.

Jenine: Yes, it's okay, so it's getting late. Get start on waxing the car and give the dogs a bath if they're going to be in this photo. They stink.

Jenine walks out of the room and Gancy is left alone. He sits back in the club chair, looks at the paper that he hasn't finished looking at and makes a comment to himself.

Gancy: Guess I won't be able to finished looking at the pictues tonight.

Light fades.


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