This was posted by a reader and yes, it has been verified that all of the information is correct, including being caught on the hood of a police car with the then police chief, as it is documented in court testimony. Though I feel strongly against posting about the children of the people that are the subject of these blogs, in the DC Clerk's document records, there is a conviction of rape in the 3rd degree.

Comment: Let’s look at Joanne to see the kind of Person that Aileen is bringing
back to Town Hall, after all its not about the town, it is who Aileen is friends with or Pompey tells what to do.
1. Takes job as bookkeeper and starts her
antics and bulling of other town employees.
2. Is caught on hood of car at Moose lodge with former Police Chief while married to her present husband.
3. Acts like fill in Supervisor under Yancy and Pompey and has free control of town hall due to lack of Supervision.
4. Makes a million dollar mistake for HP and blames it on dead co-worker
5. Her job is eliminated and replaced with comptroller and smacks Anne Boehm in back of head at town meeting and says “Bitch”.
6. 2009 and 2006 audit comes back and proves that Joanne did not practice good bookkeeping methods and still says she did nothing wrong.
7. Become buddies with Aileen and is promised her job
8. Aileen informs Comptroller that her salary will be cut in attempt to bring back Joanne.
9. Joanne should also be proud of her maternal skills; I
believe her son is a convicted felon and severed some time in prison. Proud to say that both her sons got the same girl pregnant to have grandchildren who are
both cousins and siblings.
I personally can’t wait for this woman to come
back to town Hall and run the town again, after all she is a well respect citizen of Hyde Park.

The writers here at the HV News Lies had the opportunity to bear witness to the ugliness of what happens when people become bitter, which was demonstrated at last night's Town Board meeting. Exactly who was bitter? Several individuals, that 'rocked the mic like a vandal' a la Vanilla Ice.

There was the unforgetable temper tantrum care of Walt Doyle. As someone who is a manager/supervisor, he should be ashamed of his lack of professionalism. Would you want to work under someone who has frequent outbursts like he does? According to rumor, he only displays this temper towards Mr. Martino on camera in front of an audience, because apparently he's a wussy behind closed doors.

Walt the Whiner accused Tom Martino of cutting his salary in an example of being targeted. What Walt failed to mention were the following points:

1) Walt removed himself from the responsiblity of maintaining Town Hall and the Police/Court Facility plowing, so the town had to hire an individual to perform these duties. Walt is doing less but still receiving the same salary with an added expense to the town's payroll.

2)The town hall janitor has always been under the responsibility of the supervisor, however Pompey Delafield passed this responsibility onto Walt Doyle with a stipend of approximately $1000 to perform this extra duty. Tom Martino took back that responsibility when he became supervisor but DIDN'T take back that stipend at that time.

3)Walt ranted about bills not being paid. If you read the 2006 and 2009 audit report, you would be aware that there was a violation of the procurement policy in which purchases were made first under blanket ourchase orders and then being submitted for approval after the fact. Per the town policy, if unauthorized purchases are made in excess of $5000, the responsibilty would fall upon the individual that made the purchase rather than the town. The town eventually paid these bills, so rather than Mr. Doyle pointing fingers, he should be thanking Mr. Martino for not having him open up his OWN wallet.

4) And to futher support the claim that Walt Doyle gets paid the same for doing less, if you happened to read the latest editition of the HV News over the tree clean-up and the rumors that fund balance was being depleted in wake of the recent storms, Mr. Doyle failed again as Highway Superintendent.
After the last storm, it was incumbant of Mr. Doyle to drive the eighty miles throughout the town and perform a survey of tree and branch removal. Rather than he himself doing it, he had an outside contractor, Steve Costa do it for him. Mr. Costa performs the survey and charges the town for more than $150,000 to do the job. According to rumors, the estimate was then negotiated in the ballpark of $75,000. Because of Mr. Doyle's laziness and negliance, it cost the town money as he didn't verify the estimate and the work that needed to be done himself. He basically gave Steve Costa a blank check and gave him free reign.

5) Walt Doyle accused Tom Martino of signing of $150,000 to Steve Costa, but in actuality, it was $75,000 and can be verified through a FOIL request. Therefore, Walt Doyle is a LIAR.

Who's the smartest two men in Hyde Park? 1. John Bickford and 2. John Bickford.

Mr Bickford, a former planning board member and the smartest two men in Hyde Park, apparently likes to think he knows EVERYTHING but in actually talks mostly out of his rear end. At last night's town board meeting he began ranting about the special tax of approximately $96,000 that the Town of Hyde Park may collect from the school district in order to alleviate some of the tax burden on Hyde Park taxpayers. In his tirade of the Word of John he talked about this district tax collector  and how the Hyde Park school district may take the tax collection away from the receiver of taxes in Hyde Park to give it to the tax collector. *Gasp* The smartest man in Hyde Park provided erroneous information! 

FACT: In a town of the first class (which is based upon population), it would be illegal per NYS law to take this function away from the receiver of taxes and bestow it to the tax collector who is employed by the school district.  Then he went on to imply that the town board members were nothing more than dog doo-doo in his eyes. This rant can be attributed to his bitterness of NOT being reappointed to the Planning Board. It is known that he was a hinderance to having any commercial development in the town. Remember the ridiculous issue of the sign of the new Stop & Shop? Thank John Bickford for that. Without John Bickford behind the wheel at the Planning Board, notice some of the new projects such as the new Hess station being built? The Hess station had been attempting to build a new station for several years with no success.  Apparently sans the planning board he has nothing better to than whine about something he knows nothing about. In addition to being a know it all and having the habit of 'dumbing' others down, he also likes to dish it out but somehow runs away with his tail between his legs when it's given back to him. It was witnessed after the meeting by several people in the parking lot that in attempts to "dish it out" to Mr. Taylor, who decided not to be his whipping boy gave it back to him. In response Mr. Bickford scurried away.

Joanne Lown, former bookkeeper that made a blackhole of the town's finances claimed she was not responsible and the auditors were wrong. In a previous blog a letter she wrote was published (coincidently to the wrong accounting firm) she placed the blame onto her deceased co-worker. Talk about a class act.

Aileen Rohr made it a point of bringing up the topic of the current town board depleting the fund balance, which was refuted previously by the town board when the budget was being created. Raise taxes or deplete the fund balance...raising taxes won.  Aileen made it a point to ask about this subject at the meeting yet she has not any attempts to verify this through the Comptroller or Supervisor. The new board made other attempts to request resolutions be tabled so that they may make motions in on them when they take office. People at the meeting report that Aileen was hanging out with the likes of Walt Doyle, Sue Serino and John Bickford after the meeting. Birds of a feather...and the bird dropping will be raining down come January 1st.

Sue Serino is very concerned about Yancy McArthur's missing flag and has taken upon herself to conduct her own  special investigation (just like Ken Starr) into the whereabouts of this missing flag. She supposedly is using such tactics of threatening to call the police on those that will not cooperate with her private investigator work. Just call her Serino P.I.