Last November Sue Serino failed to attend  town budget vote and according to reports, Sue Serino did not contribute nor provide any efforts to review and finalize the 2011 budget per her responsibilities as a member of the Town Board.
At last night's meeting Sue mistakenly thought that that the town was voting on the budget and voted against the adoption of Local Law C which will enable the Town Board the ability to override the 2% Tax Cap if necessary. Why? Her reasoning was that that this law will centralize the power of the Town Board similar to Stalin's power in Soviet Russia. What Sue Serino failed to recognize that the adoption of this local law is the statuatory responsibility of the Town Board. Other municipalites in the state are also considering adopting a similiar resolution to address the tax cap. It is within the right of the town as per outlined in the 2% Tax Cap Law:

What the town board did by adopting this measure is by no means illegal or centralizing its power as Ms. Serino claimed.

I should point out the following process in presenting and finalizing a budget.

As the Chief Financial Officer of the municipality, the Town Supervisor presents and finalizes a budget to the Town Board. The Town Board members then 'pick it over with a fine tooth comb' and the budget is then voted on. Ms. Serino did not, contribute nor did she provide any input to last year's budget. In fact, she was a no show without any satisfactory excuse as to why she skipped out on what is considered to be the most important town board meeting of the year. And coincidently, Mr. Langan failed to mention in his weekly paper that his endorsed candidate pulled a no show, no call. 

As per NYS, Town Law Section 51, the Town Board has a statutory responsibility per follows:  2.   On   recommendation   of   the  supervisor,  approval  of  budget modifications and transfers  between  budgetary  appropriations  in  the annual budget or in the capital budget, if any.
*On a side note, Ms. Rohr should read the Town Laws as it provides information that only a town board can approve a PILOT program and not the planning board as she told PoJo.

In failing to contribute to the creation of a budget, has Ms. Serino failed her in her duties as a councilwoman? Will Ms. Serino be in attendence to this year's budget vote? If she attends will she be coherent enough to understand the parameters of what the budget entails? And the $64,000 question, is if she can speak in complete and intelligible sentences, how will she vote?

It should  be note that it was recently been made aware that there is a site that has additional information pertaining to Sue Serino on According to sources, both Ms. Serino and Mr. Langan were rather upset that though Ms. Serino is a public figure, she was being scrutinized for her shortcomings as an elected official and attempted to block the rights protected under the First Amendement so she can save face.

On a final thought. The supervisor presents a budget to the town board. After Joseph Kakish's televised display of ignorance of how budgets are presented and adopted as well as how property taxes are composed, the community should be alarmed that this individual wishes to present the 2013 Town Budget.