Time: May 2011

Schmoe Quackish races home in the BMW (that's not his or registered in his name) along the roads of Hyde Park. He pulls in his driveway and mades a sudden stop, tires squealing. He pounces up the front steps to his home and throws open the door.

Schmoe: Sugar Rump! (he calls out to his cousin-wife) I have the bestest news to share with you!

Cousin-wife: Pookey Bear! What is it?

Schmoe: Well I was going from store to store looking for a job with my resume (he waves a blank piece of paper around in the air excitedly) and I got offered a job!
Cousin-wife: That's so swell! Where will you be working?

Schmoe: Well I won't start until next year, but it's a super cool job!  I get to be superintendent of Hyde Park!

Cousin-wife: What's that?

Schmoe: Well I get to sit in an office all day, and every once in awhile I have to go to some meetings, but the best part of all, it pays! It pays alot of money too! $32,000 a year! We can finally be DITKs*!!! See, having gone to SNESL really paid off. Now I just have to try and pass the bar exam again. (He nods to the copy of Passing the Bar Exam for Dummies that is on the coffee table)

Cousin-wife: And in four years we can have enough money to pay all those bills we keep getting phone calls about!  Ms. Brown at Capital One has called, like, fifteen times this week and wanted to work out a payment plan. As if we have that kind of money! 

Schmoe: Yes! In four years all those credit cards will be paid off, and I may even be able to buy AND keep my own car! 'Cause, you know I plan to be superintendent for a long time. I think it's a lifetime job too! The people that promised me the job, the McNarths are really nice. I just have to do what they say and they said I'll be superintendent for life! Well I have to get ready. They said I have to start going to some kind of meetings a few times a month and something about voting.  Hmm, when did I last vote (looks thoughtful for a moment then the thought passes). Okay, well I better start cracking at the books! I want to be the bestest superintendent this town has EVER had!

Schmoe grabs the Passing the Bar Exam for Dummies and sits down at this children's activity center which also serves as his desk. He begins to recite from the book aloud, concentrating intensely.

Light fades.

*(dual income two kids)