*Did Jim Langan write this into the script?

There is a correction that needs to be made by James Kennedy Langan. His claim to being the Executive Producer is false. He actually wrote for the show per the information on the following site.  http://tv.yahoo.com/morton-downey-jr-show/show/32239/castcrew

Who was Morton Downey Jr? He was a controversial talk show host whose show ran from 1988-1989. The antics that occured in the show were infamous and he made bullying on TV a Trademark (or did the writer create that part for him). The L.A. Times used the following headline in his obituary in 2001 : Morton Downey Jr.; Made Bullying a TV Trademark http://articles.latimes.com/2001/mar/14/local/me-37443.
 His use of physical force against guest speakers was also not unusual.
The NY Times referred him as a combative TV Host in this collection of articles.
In a NY Times article, he claimed he was rude and overbearing. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,966395,00.html
Downey acknowledged that he was out of control as he stated, ' Later I took things too far. It got out of control because the producers wanted me to top myself every night.'
Let's take a look at what James Kennedy Langan was responsible for:

Watch  few episodes on You Tube and you can make the conclusion that James Kennedy Langan's writing skills haven't evolved past what can be compared to a frat boy mentality depicted by bullying and name calling.  Luckily for the American public, the Morton Downey Jr. show was a failure, with the show ending no sooner than it began.  Unfortunately for the residents of Hyde Park and surrounding communities we acquired a name calling, embezzling bully.
grift·er   /ˈgrɪftər/[grif-ter]noun Slang . 1. a person who operates a side show at a circus, fair, etc., especially a gambling attraction. 2. a swindler, dishonest gambler, or the like.

James Kennedy Langan has lead a mysterious life. He claims not only to be a presidential aide to Former President Nixon, but also a producer to the Morton Downey Jr. Screamfest in the late 1980s. Seem that there's a large gap of time that is unaccounted for.

Let's take a look at JKL's life. He was born in February 1947 (which was confirmed through a call to the SEC  (202) 551-8090). He attended St. John's and Paul Grammer School in Larchmont, NY and then graduated in 1965 from the Cushing Academy in Massachussetts. His senior yearbook photo lists that he resides at 888 South Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, Florida and that he is a 'Master Orator'

He claims to have graduated from Boston College. Mr. Langan then claims he was a presidential aide to President Nixon. Now here are where some indiscrepencies occur. Mr. Langan would have graduated from Boston College in the spring of 1969, the year Nixon took office. However, a search in the graduates of 1969 in the Boston College yearbook for Mr. Langan yield no results. He is also not listed as a graduate in the 1970 class either. Even going out on a limb (perhaps being an exceptional student) he did not graduate in 1968 either. Where did Mr. Langan really go to college? Did he drop out of college? Perhaps he left school to accept that Presidential aide gig. Wait, don't you have to have a bachelor's degree to be qualified as an aide?

Presidential, or political, aides often work as advisors and personal assistants to the president. They represent the president when interacting with the public. Aides work with constituents, and they also must stay up to date on the latest political trends among policymakers. Learn the career path of a presidential aide.

1. Take courses in politics and political science at a four-year college or university. Study topics or issues in American Government, International Relations and Local Economic Development, to name a few. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for presidential aides, though some pursue graduate degrees.

*For some reason I don't believe he's qualified to be an aide...

Read more: How to Become a Presidential Aide | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2073852_become-presidential-aide.html#ixzz1XgG02Qbf

 He became broker trainee in January 1972 per the NYSE memorandum and then became an approved broker in July 1972.  In September 1979 he began employment with Drexel Burnham and within six months it is documented that he began embezzling his client's money.  Did he actually serve as an aide from the time he graduated from Cushing Academy until he began his employment as a stock broker? If he had a promising career as an aide to Nixon, why did he leave to pursue a short lived career in finance? Was he even an aide or just another gofer intern doing a stint while on summer break from college.

There is a large gap of time between the he claims to be an aide in the Nixon presidency and the time he claims he was a producer with the Morton Downey Jr. Show. That's because he was busy stealing money from the clients he represented with Drexel Burnham. A call to the SEC verified that yes, indeed, this is the one and same James Kennedy Langan that is the owner and editor of the Hudson Valley News. Somehow he neglects to mention that he had a career in the finance industry which abruptly ended at the ripe age of 33.

For those who were too young in 1980 to remember the cost of living, this spells it out for you. The average income per year was $17,500.00. In a six month period of time, James Kennedy Langan stole what is equivalent to a year's salary. This was the amount that was discovered (could there be more?). He then mysteriously disappeared from the radar, avoiding and ignoring the legal notices that were sent to him from the NYSE upon the discovery of his theft.

His next great stint he claims, was the producer of the Morton Downey Jr. Show, however per the IMDb website: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0149493/combined

He is NOT listed as a producer in any of the series. What exactly did Jim Langan do? Hand out coffee to the guests and shake hands with Rev. Al Sharpton (as per the famous photos he had posted on his website). A search of the internet for the producers of the show yielded several names, to which his was not one of them.

James Kennedy Langan has lead quite a sketchy life. With the exception of him attending prep school and being banned for life as a broker, there isn't anything that can truly be verified. He can tell you that he invented the internet (locking horns with Al Gore in the process)  and became fast friends with the Dali Lama during a visit to the area and most people wouldn't question his fabrications. Many of his followers are so intoxicated by his grandiose claims of being a presidential aide and some hot shot producer and throwing soirees at his mansion, that they don't even bother to do a simple fact check. Type in James Kennedy Langan into the Google search engine and the first result is the NYSE decision that found him guilty of embezzlement. 

Over the past 18 months, James Langan has made his money through the sales of his paper featuring headlines of ' I Don't Lie Like You People' and 'Gutless Wonders.'  How ironic that a person who embezzled money from those that trusted him could publish such headlines. What is even more ironic is that this man suckered the readers of his newspaper into thinking he was the voice of honesty and integrity.  In some countries, theives and criminals can be identified by the disfigurement (usually a hand or a nose amputation) that is given to them upon their sentencing. In this case, he hid his past of violating his fiduciary duty (which means to act in the best interest of his clients through honesty and integrity) to the clients he represented and made a sucker out of many who read his paper and associate with him to further their political careers (endorsed by a liar and thief). WHERE YOU ONE OF THEM???

To those who dismiss this as nonsense or make light of it, then you are condoning the act of stealing and the theft that James Kennedy Langan committed in 1980. I'm sure if your parent or even you were the victim of your broker stealing half a year's salary from you, you wouldn't dismiss it as nonsense. And if you do, well then, maybe it's time to take a good hard look at the integrity that you, yourself possess.