The front page of today's paper edition of the Poughkeepsie Journal featured the lawsuit brought forth by Hyde Park's ex-police chief Donald Goddard against the prior town board, with the complaint that his retirement in 2010 caused him to suffer monetary loss, loss of future retirement benefits and fringe benefits, irreparable impairment of his professional reputation and
career, and  public embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety and emotional upset as well as rendering him 'sick and sore'.

There are a few things that must be noted concerning Donald Goddard.

1) He is currently employed as a police officer with the Village of Fishkill. He carries a gun. He claims to suffer from anxiety and emotional upset. See the direction that this is going in folks?

2) The first suit he filed just so happened to be filed in the wrong court, that being Dutchess County and could not be processed.  This suit, being the second, is also rumored to be past the timeframe to file suit. We at the HV News Lies are of the opinion that his attorney is incompetant considering a) he should have relayed to his client that the timeframe to file suit has expired and b) he should have filed in the correct court to begin with.

3) Donald Goddard has quite the shady past. Published on this website in a seperate blog and below is a document that a prior town board charged that he falsified and tampered with official documents, specifically submitting false time records. The charges, however were dropped in exchange for testimony against a former police chief, to which several pages are also published on this site in a blog regarding James McKenna.

4) Donald Goddard released letters of discipline to his friend Jim Langan who published the documents in his weekly paper. This action was...rather unprofessional. He released information was was contained to his personnel file and could be used against him in future situations, such as the Poughkeepsie Journal's article. Everyone that saw the front page of the paper now knows that Don Goddard spent more time haunting the halls of Town Hall (and Joanne Lown's office) than he was at his own duty station.

Did Donald Goddard dig his own grave with the rather embarrassing wording the article contained? That wording being rendered 'sick and sore,' 'anxiety' and 'humilation.' Perhaps if Don Goddard maintained professionalism and did not use his friend, Jim Langan's paper, The Hudson Valley News  as a soap box, perhaps he would have not been 'rendered sick and sore' and 'humiliated.' Now EVERYONE knows that he can now be considered a Baby Huey.

Also published on this site is the letter he received from then supervisor Thomas Martino, that instructed him that he was to be at town hall on official business only and his duty station was on Route 9G.  Don Goddard had his friend Jim Langan publish it in his paper in a tribute edition when he retired in 2010. According to sources at town hall, he liked to visit and spend time with then bookkeeper Joanne Lown, who coincidently was also responsible for processing payroll at the time Donald Goddard was brought up on charges.