Question: wrong with the below photo?

It was brought to the attention to the writers at the HV News Lies that apparently the McArthur's follow their own set of rules.  

1. There is an unregistered vehicle located in the parking lot of the Haviland Plaza. Now, as a FORMER supervisor whose duty it was to uphold town code, Yancy should know better than to have an unregistered vehicle in a parking lot in which he is considered to be a tenant. Per Town Code Chapter 84, Sections 84-2 & 84-5 it states the following (
Any motor vehicle which is either unregistered, uninspected, dismantled (in whole or in part), in a wrecked condition, or in such condition or state of disrepair that such vehicle cannot be registered immediately without extensive repair or for which the cost or repair exceeds the book value of the motor vehicle.
Lack of a license plate or the incorrect license plate affixed to a motor vehicle shall be presumptive evidence that the vehicle is unregistered.

A violation of this chapter is hereby declared to be a violation punishable by a fine not exceeding $1,000 or by imprisonment for not to exceed 15 days, or both.
Each week's continued violation shall constitute a separate additional violation.

2. Per Section Zoning 108-24.4: 
H. No sign placed or erected out-of-doors shall be
constructed of paper, cardboard or canvas, except that signs on awnings and canopies may be constructed of or
printed on canvas.

As public figures involved with town politics and influencing those who both create and uphold the law, the McArthur's own lack of respect for the town code is inexcusable. How should we respect those in a position of leadership when they themselves are unable to demonstrate ethical behavior?

Given the 'junked' vehicle and the handwritten sign (advice: has professional and affordable signs) the writers feel that the below postcard is rather, say, appropriate.