Is Jim Langan having to resort to recycling ideas? I see he borrowed the headline from one of the blogs on this site for his latest article and had to fabricate the story of being physically attacked as his boss did years ago. He also no longer is seen photographing subjects for his usual hate filled articles and is recycling older photos since he no longer shows his face at Town Board Meetings.

Revist the year 1989 when Jim Langan served as the writer for the Morton Downey Jr show. Lagging ratings created the need for sensationalism and thus theidea for the infamous skinhead attack that occured in the bathroom of the SF Airport, to which Mr. Langan acknowledged he knew about three weeks prior.

Why does this sound oddly familiar. The Hyde Park police interviewed both parties and no further action was taken. Mr. Langan did not claim he was physically attacked in his report to the police, but apparently wanted the police to do something because it looked like Mr. Martino was 'enjoying' the confrontation.

Why should the readers question Mr. Langan's account? He has a history of lying. His claim to being a presidential aide is most likely false as there is no record of this and it does not coincide with the time period from his graduation from college to when he became a broker. He stole money from clients by withdrawing money from their accounts and forged their signatures. And rather than making redemptions, he hastidly skipped town. He lied about being the executive producer for MD Jr. He was merely a writer. He has accused others of lying and stealing when he himself was found guilty of theivery. He has used his paper to manipulate the truth because if you read through public documents you would read that it didn't happen in the manner he portrayed.

Is this a last ditch effort to create the sensationalism he needs in order for his paper to survive or will this be his downfall, falsely accusing individuals of physically attacking him. Only time and a lawsuit will tell.