The writers here at the HV News Lies received the following article which explains the candidates on this past November's ballot in Hyde Park as well as Hyde Park's GOP party bosses.

Kieran Michael Lalor  recently declared his independence from the GOP in his run for the 105th district, citing:

Said Lalor, “The overwhelming majority of rank and  file GOP Committee members are good hardworking Republicans.  But the  county GOP leadership, namely Vice Chairman Ken Stenger and Chairman  Mike McCormack are not committed to Republican principles or improving  the lives of New Yorkers or Dutchess County residents.”

Continued Lalor, “The party bosses pick weak candidates for the wrong  reasons and their track record proves it. Since the current regime came  into power, the GOP has picked a string of losing candidates and  Republican turnout has been down.  This reveals a wide disconnect  between the party elites and actual Republican voters.”

The GOP and the bums they endorse