Many of the high ranking officials and party members of the Dutchess County Republican party got their start under William Paroli Sr. For those unfamiliar with the name Paroli, here's a tad of background information.

Suicide, murder and filming paid lesbian trysts
It's hard to top the scandal in New York state's upstate Dutchess county. William L. Paroli, Sr., a 71 year old retired police detective,  is the powerful and hugely overweight Republican boss of this county. NY  Governor Pataki is trying to remove him from office as elections
commissioner  before Paroli's March 2000 trial on 16 counts of corruption, for trading permits  and tax breaks for $100,000 in payments. (Four others have
already been  convicted in the case.)
So far, nothing remarkable. Somewhat more unusual is the recent election for  county that William Paroli Junior lost by 59 votes. It's unusual enough for any  Republican to lose in this county, but the odd part is that the county
elections  officer -- Paroli Senior -- ordered a do-over vote because it snowed  on election  day. A Republican judge ordered the re-vote in only one town, and Democrats are  appealing to stop this strange second chance.
But the really strange part is what has happened to Paroli Senior's two main accusers in his corruption case. Paroli claims he is innocent, and that two enemies, both former Republican colleagues, are orchestrating his troubles. The first, Basil Raucci, was found drowned in the Hudson River in 1997; it was ruled  a suicide but rumors of foul play persist.
The other, Fred Andros, is recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He and Dawn Silvernail, age 50, have been charged with murder in the shooting
death, in a church parking lot, of Susan Fasset, Poughkeepsie's former personnel  director. In court documents, Ms. Silvernail says that Andros -- her
former  lover -- paid her several times to have sex with Ms. Fasset in a city water  pumping station. Andros, she said, videotaped them and then joined in.
Police  are investigating whether the murder is connected to the Paroli scandal. Later,  she said, he coerced her into shooting Fasset.
Source: "In Dutchess Politics, Sex, Suicide and a Big Man Behind the Curtain", By DAVID W. CHEN, New York Times online, February 4, 2000

On a site that was discovered by chance when doing the research for these blogs, a site devoted to Sue Serino and her many lies has a posting listed that connects Jean McArthur with Bill Paroli Jr. Apparently Chairwoman Jean was using the late Mr. Paroli to pay several people 'visits' or more like instances of harrassments in their attempts to uncover the source of the creator of the site as well to intimdate those that signed petitions not in line with the desires of Chairwoman Jean's agenda. It is rumored that Chairwoman Jean got her start under the Paroli regime and has been in a position of power since then due to her associations, not because of her great intellectual capabilities (or lack of).

Another piece of information which is interesting is that the Chairman of the Dutchess County GOP, Michael McCormack apparently had ties to William Paroli Sr. as well. One of the projects his architectual firm, LMV Architects,  was responsible for was Dutchess Stadium, which was one of the many projects involved with the Paroli scandal. It is also questionable as to how Mr. McCormack obtained the position of Chairman of the Dutchess County GOP as many people have described him as a 'tool' and 'a lightweight.' Put two and two together and you can conclude that in order to play you must pay. To support this statement is also the known fact that Erik Haight has a sweetheart deal with the City of Poughkeepsie as an insurance salesman.

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12/11/2011 08:38:34 am

It a well known fact that Paroli, Jr. and his wife Nancy were the arm-twisters for the Republican party. They behaved like gangsters in their intimidation tactics. Who will step up and fill the void?

Pompey at DCC
12/11/2011 08:36:23 pm

On the topic of Pompey, does anyone know why he got fired from DCC? I hear a lot of rumors, many people I know who work at the college say that he indeed was fired or terminated. They all say that he was there one day and gone the next and left under the radar. Rumors of his termination are due to Pompey being involved in a sexual misconduct incident with a female student. These are all rumors, but I was hoping that the creator of this site can find out the truth behind his termination. After all, Langan was a thief and it did not come public for ten years. It would be pretty embarrassing if a former HP Supervisor was a proven pervert. It shows how well we are investigating those who are taking active roles in leading our community (Example Kakish). Pompey was a below standard Supervisor and apparently a below standard employee of DCC. Why do we choose these people to be our leaders if they can’t hack it at a regular job?

No Yancy Fan
12/11/2011 08:53:14 pm

Pompey has an ego that cannot be satisfied leading an ordinary life as most of us do. Though he is a screw up, he has an insatiable desire to screw up on a grand scale. Lokk what he did to Hyde Park in 6 years. I must admit that if Yancy the Great had 6 years in Town Hall the may have faced utter ruination. Both are narcissists. What is tragic, is that there are people who treat them as if they were the second coming. Some people never learn.


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