Here is an e-mail that's going around with some questions about Jim Langan's frequent apartment hopping.

The below link demonstrates that James Kennedy Langan, thief, liar and coward has lived at nine different addresses over the past twenty years. Why is this? Could it be that James Kennedy Langan (TLC) makes frequent move to stay one step ahead of the law? Or could it be that James Kennedy Langan (TLC) is frequently evicted from apartments for being a deadbeat? We already know the James Kennedy Langan has forged checks in the past. Did he do it to individuals he had business dealings with? James Kennedy Langan (TLC) has a number of blank spots in his history. The employment history of this thief, liar and coward is rather spotty, too. But, who would want to hire a known thief, liar and coward in any position of responsibility? Was James Kennedy Langan (TLC) ever imprisioned in another part of the United States?
Please feel free to conduct your own search: James Kennedy Langan was born of 2/1/1947: Happy hunting!
It has also been rumored that James Kennedy Langan, thief, liar and coward was in fact and deed responsible for the recent rumors, or should we say lies, which accused two Hyde Park police offices of murder. Just to sell more that the usual 25 copies of his now infamous scandal sheet known as "The Hudson Valley News". It is also rumored that Jean and Yancy McArthur were also active participants in spreading these rumors. This can be expected from the McArthurs because Yancy failed in building a police station during both of his failed administrations. Jealousy of success? Let's not forget that all three are acquaintances of the grosslyincompetent Donald Goddard who was the former provisional police chief. It was rumored that James Kennedy Langan (TLC) was the de facto police chief during Goddard's disastrous tenure as provisional police chief. Who would have ever thought a thief would be controlling a provisional police chief in the Town of Hyde Park?