If you've driven by Haviland Plaza, you may have noticed that there's a new business in town...McArthur's Liquors. And to celebrate their new venture, there will be having Grand Opening event on Sat. Nov. 12. 1-3 PM.

Why should you boycott McArthur's Liquors?

1) They have effectively ruined the Republican Party in Hyde Park (which may or may not be a good thing depending on if you're a Democrat or Republican), by allowing an embezzler to discredit the present town board that THEY endorsed. This demonstrates the machievellian means they will use to destroy those that oppose them. I dont know about the readers, but I wouldn't want to give business to someone that for lack of a better term are A-holes. If they are willing to screw over business associatesand political allies, how will they treat their customers?

2) There has always been a liquor store in the building that houses K & D Deli going back a few decades. According to rumor, the McArthurs have been foreboding to a new business that will be setting up shop there with ominous warnings of 'Don't open a store or else....' Last I checked, this country is a free market system and there is not law on file with NYS that states that prohibits liquor stores that are more than 500 feet from one another from operating. This is just another goon tactic the McArthurs are using to prevent competition,  much like the tactics they utilize in politics.

3)They endorsed Joseph Kakish, who may have potentially created the failure of Hyde Park if he been elected to the office of Supervisor. 
Enough said.