I've come to several conclusions about Jim Langan.

1) He likes to hear himself talk, which is more than likely why he publishes a newpaper that consists of entirely of his own opinion.

2) He has an ego that eclipses our known universe, which is why he publishes a newspaper that consists entirely of his own opinion.

3) His title of his blog, Usually Right, is ironic considering opinions and thoughts are subjective and are neither right nor wrong.

4) Most people really don't care what Mr. Langan's opinion is on Kim Kardashian's butt.

Take for example the recent blog, Things I Don't Care About in the July 20. 2011 edition of his paper. He devoted almost an entire page to a topic he claims not to care about and knows more about the circumstances surrounding the break-up of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony than most people do.

His opening paragraph, which states, 'Is it just me or have we become a nation that is focused on nonsense. Maybe is the bread and circus factor, given we're all living through our version of the 1930s. From reality tv to celebrity divorces we all seem to be spending alot of time on people that we will never meet.