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This subject came up when the current Town Board sued the Town Committee for violating by-laws. Upon further investigation, NYS Election law does not provide any provisions for Town Committees. This is per the following:

 § 2–100. Party committees; provision for

Party committees shall consist of a state committee, county committees, and such other committees as the rules of the party may allow.

(L.1976, c. 233, § 1. Amended L.1976, c. 234, § 3.)

As far as the 'other comittees' are concerned, the Dutchess County Republican by-laws do not have provisions for the creation of Republican town commitmees. 

What is interesting is that the Dutchess County Democrat by-laws are considered to be exemplary in comparison to the Republican's because they DO provide provisions for Town Committees. This is pertinent because the Democratic Party would be able to file suit against the Republican Party based upon the argument that Republican Town Committees are illegal because they are not recognized entities (and would most likely win). 

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