Extortion and Deciet

In the July 24, 2012 edition of the Poughkeepsie Journal was the breaking article detailing the lawsuit that Steve Costa has brought against the the town board members of Hyde Park as a result of the current Town Board not honoring the terms of a contract made in 2011 under the previous administration. The town board claims that the terms of the contract were invalid due to reasons including not following the proper bidding process. The writers at the HV News Lies would like to stress that during a state of emergency, contract bidding is not applicable and the writers of the HV News Lies has learned that Walter Doyle, the Highway Superintendent had initiated the contract with Steve Costa proceeding the October storm.  Mr. Doyle is rumored to have thrown Steve Costa under the bus and washed his hands of any wrongdoing in exchange for his salary to be restored, which it was down by the town board immediately after they took office.
In the court documents, Mr. Costa is claiming that the town board members proposed that if he returned the $75,000 that was paid to him for services that were already rendered and future services that were outlined in the contract , he would have his contract with the town restored. The writers at the HV News Lies would like to remind the readers that this town board promised 'transparency' and 'open government' but according to democrat insiders, the action that they took to cancel the contract to have the clean-up from the storms performed and file suit against Steve Costa was simply a means to discredit the previous town board. Whether the current town board members are intellectually capable to understand that they were engaging in extortion is questionable. What can be agreed upon is that the town board members should be very concerned because while the article states that the town as an entity is being sued, the writers at the HV News Lies have learned that in addition to this, the town board members are allegedly being sued individually and must retain their own lawyers to represent them. This blemish on the town board can prove to be disasterous for the reputation of the town board that promised 'transparency' and 'open government.'