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DEADBEAT /n. ˈdɛdˌbit; adj. ˈdɛdˈbit/ [n. ded-beet; adj. ded-beet] noun 1. a person who deliberately avoids paying debts. 2. a loafer; sponger.

In yesterday's newscast, Mr. Martino called Jim Langan a 'deadbeat.' Is this accurate?
If you're going to label the Langans based upon the above definition, then, yes, he is. Why?
Most recently there have been four judgements filed against the couple. Two of them have been assigned amounts, which so far total over $40,000 that appears to be credit card debt. The other two judgements are currently waiting for amounts to be signed off on by a judge. Mr. and Mrs. Langan just may joined the 100K club, which Mr. and Mrs. Kakish enjoy the membership priviledges of.

Getting back to the subject of Mr. and Mrs. Langan. Obviously, they have either have been spending alot of time at the mall or taking tropical vacations. And from Mr. Langan's appearance I tend to believe that neither of those apply, so more than likely, they have been living on credit.

Have they been living on credit because their paper is a divestment and is sucking their savings dry? Both Mr. and Mrs. Langan are not employed other than their functions as 'publisher' and 'executive editor.' Mrs. Langan,  was employed as a broker per the information on the SEC website for a period of 8 years, from 1998 to 2006 under CRD# 1724216. However, she has since let her license expire.
Without any other means of income, and the paper running in the red, then why do they continue to publish a  paper given their financial situation?

Is it some kind of strategy to discredit certain individuals that so happened to be featured in the tabloid on a weekly basis?

Final thought: Perhaps it is Jim Langan that is the one obsessed with Tom Martino.