According to reliable sources that looked into Joseph's membership with the Regina Coeli parish, apparently he's not a member as he has so claimed in his campaign. Hmmmm. Offical tally four of the many Kakish lies.
I researched into the existence of a police cadet program in Hyde Park and came up with no results. I was told however, there was a police cadet program in Hyde Park approximately thirty years ago and considering Joe Kakish is in his early thirties, this makes it impossible.
Why would Joe Kakish makes such outlandish claims to belonging to these organizations? Most likely because he thought they wouldn't be questioned and verified if they were true.
I'm just wondering this. How many members of the Knights of Columbus did he offend?

Let's see, Joe Kakish claimed he was an attorney in June articles in both the HV News and Poughkeepsie Journal.
Truth: Joe is no more an attorney than the family cat. Joe reportedly failed his first attempt at the bar and just attempted the bar exam July 2011.

Joe claims to be a member of the Knights of Columbus, however, according to a reliable source, the Knights of Columbus cannot find a record of his membership.

Joe also claimed to be a volunteer with Fairview Fire Dept. and a police cadet with the HP police department according to his palm card which states:

 I have always been a member of the community. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Parishioner at Regina Coeli Church, volunteered at Fairview Fire Department and I was a Police Cadet in the Town of Hyde Park.

 Hyde Park is a sleepy giant of a town. I will wake up this town with strong leadership, honesty, communication and integrity that it deserves.

Honesty? He claims to be honest? First he claims to be an officer of the court, then he tries to appeal to the voters by stating he is a member of a fraternal organization that assists families in need. Let's see how many more Kakish lies are there out there.