Lo and behold, located in the back pages of the newly condensed and considerably smaller edition of the HV News was the coverage of the Angelo Canale Award dinner, written under the pseudonym The HV News Staff.  One need to go no further to realize through the grandiose description of this event comparable to the Presidential Inauguration Dinner is that the author of this article is most likely Jim Langan (think socipathic tendencies). The grandeur invoked through the descriptive words conflicts with reports that the turnout was disheartening, similar to Hyde Park Republican events, which, according to those in attendence are rather pathetic. Fundraisers with twenty or so attendees? The writer of this article (Mr. Langan) is attempting to delude the readers that the Hyde Park Republican Party is a political stronghold, when in fact, having to invite those that are members of other political affiliations and town may signify their weakness. Would a stanch democrat be in attendence to a dinner honoring one receiving the Ronald Reagan Award? Or would the Ronald Reagan Award be presented to a RINO? More than likely not.

The elusive HV News Staff writer also described that the statement given by Marc Molinaro  alluded that Tom Martino is the one man force behind the personal attacks over the course of 18 months, brought down the house in applause. However, looking it is through a broader, more post-conventional view, the personal attacks will end because Mr. Langan and Co. will no longer be able to victimize the Town Board through his paper.

Ironic that this statement and the reaction that it created, whether it be true or not, be printed in the very paper owned by the Poster Child for Personal Attacking Others.  His very website, the HV News, has an archived record of the attacks he has made on others in order to make a buck. Is the action of humilitating another really worth $1? Apparently Mr. Langan thinks so. And did Mr. Molinaro realize that his statements would be printed in a periodicle that triumphs in the Bully Hall of Fame (along with it's editor, Jim Langan who is also a thief).

Perhaps it is this very website, The Hudson Valley News Lies,  that has the party alarmed with it's recent release of potentially damaging (and public) information that could adversly affect a candidate's hope to be successfully elected to office. Perhaps their alarm is that their other culpable misdoings may be brought to light and with their shroud, removed, they will be revealed for who they really are.  After all, doesn't everyone have something to hide? Without their title of elected official or public offical, who are they really?  Perhaps it is because they cannot define themselves without that title and the fear that they could lose it has them in distress.   It can be said a politician's entire existence is dependent on their place in politics.

However, if that comment was in fact alluded to the publishing of public information online and drawing conclusions from that information, then they are living in a perpetual state of an allegory. In our society, when one steals, they are a thief. When one fabricates, they are a liar. When incurs debt on credit which leads to legal actions, they are deadbeats.

While these labels may offended the' labelee', in the compass of being elected to public office, the actions that lead to these labels being made can adversely affect the candidate's performance and cannot be considered a 'personal attack.' Rather is it a mere formality that must be performed, just as an employer screens a potential employee through background and credit checks.

Addressing discrepencies in statements pertaining to work history, credit/financial history (when one is responsible for the monetary management) and professionaal licensures is the public's right to know the qualifications of their elected officials.

Given the 'elite' group of those individuals that attended this event, in the discourse of politics, are the standards of behavior apply to some while others are excluded from decorum? Why are some individual's behaviors condoned while others censured?

From observation, it appears, that similar to the 'Good Ol Boys Club' so famously associated with a network of corrupt public officials, this 'elite' group  operates in the same fashion; concealing misconduct of the members of its unofficial group while those that are not within their 'circle of trust' are thrown to the wolves.

There is a proverb, Greek in origin, 'Show me your friends and I'll tell you who are.'  It's rather dissapointing that Mr. Molinaro allowed a thief and a liar (his most recent is he lied about being a thief on Cablevision News) to allow a statement (if it was even made) be used as spin in The HV News.

A conclusion is that perhaps the local public and county officials are out of touch with the values that the general consensus, because within their own elite cliche, it appears that their own stealing, lying, public temper tantrums and fraud are pefectly acceptable forms of behavior.