Rumors are circulating of the possible appointments that the new Supervisor, Aileen Rohr will bring onto her administration. Those on deck as potentials are as follows:

1. Sharon Piraino-Puko who under rather suspicious circumstances resigned as a board member in 2006 amidst allegations that she was residing in a town ward that she WAS not elected to represent.  The Republicans are not without their own Sharon...that would be D.J.Sadowski who took her lead  four years later. Except he didn't do the honorable thing and resign.

2. Jim McKenna is rumored to be brought back on a   part-time basis and talk of him replacing the interim Chief is also abuzz. The writers at the HV News Lies received rather damning documentation that reveal that this individual may be of questionable character. Deception, lies, affairs, drunkeness and questionable credibility are included in the court documents below.

3. Lastly, Joanne Lown, the former bookkeeper who was responsible for the financial 'indiscrepencies' and poor bookkeeping practices in two seperate audits of 2006 & 2009. She also had the gall to blame her deceased co-worker for her inept record keeping. From the photo pictured below (her Facebook profile photo) MRS. Lown may or may not also be fond of the drink. What she is fond of, and this is also included in the below court documents is that MRS. Lown IS fond of engaging in illicit affairs with other town employees. It is in these same court documents that allegedly there is testimony that MRS. Lown was caught indelicate with the same town employee on the hood of the police car at the Moose Lodge by another officer. 
She also is a supporter of Sue Serino as per the video from December 28, 2011 Town Board Meeting which supports that Joanne is a spiteful woman (no Joanne, you are not entitled to job, you earn one through hard work and merit) who clearly lacks integrity and principle (See below court documents).

Are these individuals examples of the character and values that respresents Aileen Rohr's interests for the town?