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Perhapshhe is motivated by fear of losing this upcoming primary, but the writers at the HV News Lies have been notified by many that Steve Saland is sending out a copious amount of mailings to brag about what he supposedly has done in the past two years out of forty as an elected official.

The writers at the HV News Lies would like to clarify a recent mailing that was sent out to his constituents that contains misinformation.

The above mailing indicates that his opponent that remains 'nameless' does not reside in the district, does not pay taxes, does not educate his children in the district nor does he work in the district.

However, the writers at the HV News Lies would like to educate the readers on a very key point, that being the district lines were recently redrawn and his 'nameless' opponent is able to run  this upcoming election, provided he moves into the new district boundries within one year's time should he be elected.NYS election law provides provisions should your election district's demographics change. His'nameless' opponent resided within the previously drawn boundaries.  Steve Saland's campaign literature conveniently omits this pertinent piece of information, leading the public to believe that his opponent wouldn't represent the district as effectively as he would.  This is an non-issue, however, Steve Saland is attempting to make it one.

The writers at the HV News Lies are of the opinion that Steve Saland in no more than a master manipulator and the voters are the ones being manipulated.