The writers at the HV News Lies were made aware that Jim Langan isn't too happy that the Poughkeepsie Journal and this very blog made his problematic personal and business finances available to the public. The brief 148 word  Poughkeepsie Journal article that he compared to "writing on the bathroom wall" simply reported facts and gave him the opportunity to respond to  the bankruptcy petition that was filed. It did not include the personal opinion of the reporter or refer to  Jim Langan in any derogatory wording. This can hardly be comparable to writing on the bathroom wall. However for one reason or another, Jim Langan is extremely upset that although he is a public figure, his dire financial situation was made available to the public.

Jim Langan appears to have trouble comprehending several elements in relation to his position as a public figure, owner of a published newspaper and his finances. His statement that 'how does the personal financial situation of two Dutchess County residents rise to the level of news?' It does when these two residents (and owners of the paper) relish upon the idea of being pseudo celebrities. Remember the television interviews in which the Mr. and Mrs. discussed that they were the first that discovered the location of Chelsea Clinton's wedding and reported it?  They did not have the opinion that they were two common residents at that time, nor did the Mr. and Mrs. possess that same opinion when they were busy publishing stories that contained untruths in their attempts to influence the opinions of the readers of their paper. Ironic that when interviews and articles are created that portray them in their favor, may the bragging of being a public figure commence. But when he encounters censure, the archetypal sob story is given that 'everyone's picking on me.'

Regardless of his complaint that his financial situation remains un-newsworthy, a) he is a public figure, not subject to the same level of privacy as a private citizen   and 2) bankuptcy petitions are public documents.  Whether people find this story of interest is purely subjective. Obviously the Poughkeepsie Journal and the readers of this blog find it to be newsworthy, or else the Journal would not be publishing a story and the readers of this website would not be reading these blogs. The subject of their bankruptcy may be of interest out of sheer curiousity or perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Langan burned many of the readers in the past and the readers are now getting that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that what goes around comes around. It is said that nothing is more satisfying than someone getting their just desserts. This is something that Jim and Caroline should have kept in mind when deciding to target and harrass various individuals both in print and in person. Rebuking the actions of others that is causing them humiliation and appealing for compassion is laughable. His question of compassion contradicts with the article title of 'Holiday Horror in Hyde Park' that focused on the recent suicide of a Hyde Park resident, or poking fun at senior citizens and veterans of the community in his 'In Case You Missed It' piece.

Jim Langan also makes the claim that the HV Valley News has performed admirably of reporting local news. Perhaps the stress of having his life crumble before him, Mr. Langan is now suffering from dementia.  He has made attacks on various public figures in the past and the writers at the HV News Lies should remind the readers of such. Are headlines including 'Baby Huey Goes Kafluey' or 'Group of Lunatics'  considered admirable? Or his editorial which included the following:

On the day before Election Day, during a phone interview with Hudson Valley News reporter Christopher Lennon, Tyner became irate and screamed at Lennon, saying he and Executive Editor Jim Langan think they  “run Dutchess County.” He further accused the newspaper of trying to “destroy” him. Mind you, this conversation occurred days after the paper ran a glowing endorsement of Tyner by columnist Jonathan Smith. Days later, Tyner logged onto his Twitter page, and between an illegible series of parenthesis and ellipses, wrote something to the effect of “Why won’t Hudson Valley News die?” He’s also written some less-than-favorable comments about  the newspaper on his blog. Tyner likes to tell people the local press ignores him.

The essence of this blog is the following: the personal responsibility for your actions, of which both Jim and Caroline lack. Their history of being spendthrifts and mismanaging their finances have come  to a head. Their lack of accountability as to their actions of placing bulls eyes on others have not made them any friends and many feel contempt for them.  And their complaint of being targets is hypocritical. Somehow it was acceptable in their own eyes to target others through their newspaper, but when they are the subject of others censure they are singing a different tune.

“A man is born alone and dies alone; and he experiences the good and bad consequences of his karma alone; and he goes  alone to hell or the Supreme abode.”
~ Chanakya